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BirdDog PF120

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Take your live content to the next level. We have all the products you need to build the perfect streaming solution custom to your needs.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I had an excellent experience with Applix! The team was incredibly quick, friendly, and personal in their approach. They called me to confirm my order and made sure everything was in order…
— Jaco Meintjes
Customer reviews
Great company for all your videos, lighting, sound equipment
— Alex Lopes
Customer reviews
Professional staff and high quality equipment. Thank you Dustin for helping us out. Highly recommended
— Kylie Holland
Customer reviews
5 star service and great products, really enjoyed dealing with you guys!
— Richard McAdam
Customer reviews
Awesome service as always
— Nick Ngwenya


What kinds of video cameras are available?

Our selection includes PTZ Cameras, Pro-Broadcast Cameras, DSLR Cameras, along with a variety of video camera lenses and camera accessories.

Can you provide information on video camera control options?

We offer Pro-Broadcast & PTZ Camera Controllers, designed to give you complete control over your video production setup.

What equipment do you offer for video production?

We have a wide range of production equipment, including Vision Mixers, Vision Switchers, Converters, Broadcast Monitors, and devices for Record, Capture & Playback.

What solutions do you have for streaming and broadcasting?

Our offerings cover Bonding, Encoders, and Transmitters to cater to all your streaming and broadcasting needs.

What audio equipment is available?

We provide a comprehensive range of audio gear, including Microphones, Headphones, Audio Mixers, and Audio Interfaces.

What types of support equipment can I find?

Our inventory includes Tripods, Jibs, Sliders & Dolly Systems, Gimbal Systems, Shoulder Rigs, Gaffer Tape, Teleprompters, and various Support Equipment Accessories.

Can you tell me about your battery options?

We stock Canon Batteries, Sony Batteries, Panasonic Batteries, V-Mount Batteries, and a selection of Battery Accessories.

What lighting equipment do you provide?

Our lighting solutions encompass Studio Panel LED Lights, Studio Spot Lights, and Studio Lighting Accessories.

What intercom systems do you offer?

We offer both Wired and Wireless Comm's Systems to suit your communication needs in any production environment.

What types of cabling do you have?

Our cabling solutions include Fibre HDMI Cabling, SDI Video Cabling, Audio Cabling, and Network Cabling for comprehensive connectivity.

What type of Memory & Storage solutions do you offer?

We offer SD & Micro SD Storage, CF EXPRESS & CFast Storage, SSD Storage, External Storage, and Network Storage options.