OSEE GoStream Deck

R 7,199.00


All In One - Your Ultimate Live Stream Device

Osee's GoStream Deck seamlessly integrates powerful functions into a compact device. It features a full functional production switcher, a multiview, a standard audio mixer, a direct-to-web stream engine, a video recorder, a video player, and built-in comprehensive controls. Connecting GoStream Deck to a portable monitor for multiview and to a number of HDMI or UVC cameras allows you to effortlessly set up a live stream event like a seasoned professional.

Streamline Your Setup To The Simplest

With its fully-featured control panel, built-in user interface, SD card recording and player function, no separate PC, external hard disc, or additional player is required, minimizing the number of equipment used during live events. This speeds up your setup, saves precious space on location, and greatly improves reliability in the field.

Stream To 3 Destinations Simultaneously

Equipped with 2 USB ports, GoStream Deck conveniently accommodates one for USB camera connectivity and the other for streaming software like OBS, Vmix, and Zoom. Additionally, the Ethernet port enables you to directly stream to three destinations simultaneously, offering exceptional streaming versatility.

Extra Video Inputs And Outputs For Versatility

Accepting 4 HDMI camera inputs and 1 AUX video input from either its internal SD card player or UVC inputs from USB-C, GoStream Deck allows you to connect up to 5 video sources, enabling you to start your live streaming in no time. GoStream Deck features 2 HDMI outputs, enabling you to monitor any content ready to be on air with ease using multiview. Simultaneously, you can also connect it to a projector for seamless presentations.

Built-in Comprehensive Audio Mixer

The audio mixer is equipped to handle 7 audio inputs, with 2 from mic inputs, 4 from HDMI inputs, and an additional 1 from AUX input. These inputs can be seamlessly mixed into the PGM out using either ON/OFF or AFV controls. Users have the flexibility to adjust the input gain, balance, and fade level for each audio input, as well as control the gain of the PGM out. Moreover, the mixer allows for audio monitoring from the selected source through earphone, multiview, and PVW output options, providing comprehensive oversight and control over the audio production process.

Super Source For Unified Video Integration

​The Super Source feature allows you to merge two video windows and one background video into a unified source. This single source can then be utilized like any other standard video input, seamlessly integrated into the composition engine. The source of video windows and background can be selected from video inputs, internally generated signals like still image. Additionally, you can easily modify the layout, size, position, and border of each video window, giving you full control over the visual presentation.