BirdDog Eyes P120 1080P Full NDI PTZ Camera

R 49,450.00


BirdDog Eyes P120 1080P Full NDI PTZ Camera - Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


BirdDog Eyes P120 1080P Full NDI PTZ Camera Features

P110 and P120 set a new benchmark in format support, connection flexibility, and picture quality, with excellent lowlight performance. Housing a Sony Exmor R back-illuminated sensor and BirdDogā€™s custom NDIĀ® silicon, P110 & P120 offer four output options including NDIĀ®, SDI, HDMI for live production work, and UVC USB for connecting to Zoom & Teams. Output multiple flavours of NDIĀ® including Full NDIĀ®, NDIĀ®|HX2, and HX3, as well as other options including SRT, h.264, and Cloud Connect. It even supports FreeD output for AR/VR workflows. Thereā€™s also an OLED display to show the IP address, 360Ā° degree mohawk tally, filter thread, and free Auto-Tracking available.
And yes, the cameras support NDIĀ® 5 natively.

NDIĀ®|HX2, NDIĀ®|HX3, h.264,Ā SRT, RTMP, RTSP, and Cloud Connect coming soon with a free firmware update.

P110. P120. Same Same but Different.

P110 features 10x and P120 has 20x optical Zoom. Giving you ultimate flexibility to choose the perfect camera for your next production or meeting. In smaller studio and meeting spaces, P110 is your perfect companion, in larger areas with longer distance requirements, P120 adds additional reach and flexibility.

Sony Exmor R Sensor. Lowlight is a highlight.

With a Sony Exmor Rā„¢ back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, P110 and P120 deliver beautiful images with significantly enhanced imaging characteristics including enhanced low noise sensitivity.

The BirdUI. With heads up display.

P110 & P120 feature the worldā€™s most comprehensive interface for PTZ cameras. System statistics including the number of active connections, current bandwidth usage, and network traffic are presented in an intuitive way to give you the information you need at a quick glance.

NDIĀ® 5. Welcome to the party pal.

Full NDIĀ® 5 support is built right in to P110 &P120 for maximum compatibility across all NDIĀ® ecosystems.

NDIĀ® Video Scopes.

All P110 & P120 can generate scopes in camera to send out as NDIĀ®, NDIĀ® Proxy, or both. This allows for monitoring scopes on the NDIĀ® Proxy while sending a clean main NDIĀ® feed simultaneously. Choose from Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope, or RGB Parade and the position on the NDIĀ® stream.

360Ā° Mohawk Tally.

The innovative and totally punk mohawk tally gives a full 360Āŗ view so youā€™ll never be caught out wondering which camera you need to be talking to.
You talkinā€™ to me?

Unique Numbering System.

Removable silicon numbers at the back of the P110 and P120 give additional Tally vision and allow switcher operators to easily identify cameras.

OLED Display.

The super handy OLED allows for information such as IP Address, Device Name, Stream Name, Resolution, and Frame Rate. Thanks to Jason it can also be turned off in the BirdUI.

Globally Connected. No computers needed.

By adding a BirdDog Cloud subscription, you can now access the PTZ cameras and all features from anywhere in the world. No computers needed on the camera side.Ā For more information about BirdDog Cloud click here.

All formats supported. Well almost.

Along with Full NDIĀ® P110 & P120 support an insane amount of formats including NDIĀ®|HX2, NDIĀ®|HX3, SRT, h.264 for low bandwidth requirements.*

*SRT and Cloud Connect will be available with a free future update. All other formats will be supported at time of shipping.