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Applix Distributors sells a variety of technological products through a sophisticated online store, providing an experience that exceeds users’ expectations in terms of functionality and presentation. We aim to always put our customers’ needs first, providing them with a unique buying experience that will minimize the stress that normally comes from shopping online.

We manage the entire shopping process, from the procurement of products to the actual delivery of orders. We serve customers throughout South Africa and will endeavour to find any technological product that you seek, that may not be available on our website.

Applix strives to present itself as a trustworthy, unique and loyal company for its target markets, while always adhering to selling the best quality product with the most value-for-money packages. We supply a unique service to each and every valued customer, in order to develop an on-going, positive relationship. All of our staff members are trained by the manufacturers in-house to ensure that we are able to assist you in selecting the best possible product and service solution.

At Applix, everyone we encounter is a customer to us; our co-workers, vendors, superiors, and of course you – the customer. Customers are always entitled to feel welcome in contacting us. Our goal is to instill credibility and trust with all our current and future customers.

We have a customer-centric philosophy and our transactional processes are not systematic programs; we are specific. Instead of providing you with a generic and impersonal response, we allocate a deadline on the request, and we will beat that deadline. We endeavour to further benefit you by offering our Applix Free Delivery Service which offers free delivery on all purchases made.

Applix originated from the entrepreneurial visions of a desire to create an experience which makes customers feel involved in something more than a generic online transaction. We strive to set ourselves apart by establishing a relationship on a personal level with each customer, thus creating an online shopping experience which is an “Applix experience”. Please enjoy the site and let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience any better than it already is.

From all of us at Applix – Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Yours faithfully

Applix Distributors