LiveU Products

Start your streaming journey right with LiveU—a professional-grade video & audio encoder to propel your broadcasts to new heights. Stream to popular platforms with a simple, user-friendly interface.

LiveU encoders are compact, making them ideal for on-the-go live streaming. Bonding technology keeps your field shoots connected. This combines multiple network connections (WiFi, cellular, and wired) for a robust signal.

Embrace modern standards with reliable 4K 10-bit HDR broadcast-grade video. LiveU encoders also offer 5G connection with support for modern codecs like H.265/HEVC and H.264 AVC.

Designed for high-intensity environments, the LiveU ecosystem allows your field crew to enjoy maximum production convenience without worrying about equipment. A pay-per-event system enables you to save on production costs. Whether mission-critical video or a sports event, LiveU offers high-quality live video over IP in every area.

From portable transmission units to advanced software solutions, LiveU provides reliable, high-quality live video streaming solutions that empower you to deliver live content from anywhere in the world. LiveU Central allows for centralised management, and LiveU Matrix allows seamless video content sharing. The LiveU Solo series caters to content creators and small-scale productions, offering easy-to-use and affordable streaming options.