Secced SC-Traveler 6m Jib Crane

R 389,000.00


Secced SC-Traveler 6m Jib Crane Features

 The Secced SC-Traveler 6m Jib Crane is an innovative camera support system that elevates your filmmaking and video production capabilities. With a reach of 6 meters (approximately 19.7 feet), this jib crane offers exceptional flexibility in capturing dynamic shots, making it an essential tool for professional videographers.

The SC-Traveler 6m Jib Crane boasts a lightweight yet robust construction, making it easy to transport and set up on location. Its intuitive design ensures hassle-free assembly, saving you valuable production time.

Equipped with smooth, fluid movement mechanisms, this jib crane allows for graceful panning, tilting, and sweeping camera movements, enabling you to achieve captivating shots quickly. The crane's adjustable counterweights provide balance and stability, ensuring your camera remains steady while capturing shots from various angles and heights.

Max Payload

The remote head has a max payload of 10kg and is compatible with an ENG camera with a Canon or Fuji lens.

Camera Compatibility

A specially designed DV controller can control Sony, Canon, Panasonic DV, and HDV cameras. For Sony and Canon DV & HDV cameras, it has the functions of control zoom/focus, power on/off, Fader, back light on/off, and start/stop recording. For Panasonic DV & HDV cameras, it has the functions of control zoom/focus/iris, and start/stop recording.

V-Mount Interface For Battery

The equipped V-mount interface for the battery makes the crane work with no external power source needed.

Slip ring installed for pan movement

Allows for the remote head to pan unlimited. The HD signal can go through the slip ring for outputting of HD signal from the remote head.

Controllable Remote Head

In ENG mode, pan and tilt movement of the remote head can be controlled, in addition, the speed and damp of pan and tilt movement are adjustable

Scope of application

Great for concert productions and studio broadcasting. It can also be used indoors in areas with limited space.