Secced SC-Superjib9.6 Superman Crane

R 450,000.00



Very responsive head with smooth movement, matching the level of famous brand in crane and remote head industry.

Slip ring installed for pan movement allows remote head could pan unlimited.

Remote head has max payload of 20kg, and it is compatible with most ENG camera with either Canon or Fuji lens.

Pan and tilt movement of remote head can be controlled, in addition the speed and damp of pan and tilt movement can be adjusted as well.

It can control either Canon or Fuji lens, including zoom/focus/iris control, and zoom speed adjustment. It also has the function of reverse direction of zoom and focus.

Tilt and pan lock of crane arm ensure its safety.

Heavy-duty tripod and dolly guarantee high stability of whole crane system.

Specially designed base and post for 12m Superman crane make itself more stable and safer compared with other 12m crane.

Modular design and easy setup. Two men can complete the setup of whole crane within just half an hour.
The equipped V-mount interface for battery make the crane work in the circumstance of no external power source available.

Scope of application
Applied circumstances
This crane system could be used for drama and movie production, and shooting of big show, like concert, reality show etc. It either can be used in the big studio or shooting outdoor such as OB of large show or sport events.
9.6m Superman crane has been widely used for 2008 Olympic game and it has done brilliant job of broadcasting the games in every stadium.