LS Lights LED 1000a Studio Light

R 15,899.00 R 18,999.00


LS Lights LED 1000a Studio Light Features

  • Handsome design of All-aluminum light body
  • High power output with chip LEDs
  • High TLCI above 93
  • High CRI above 93
  • Bi-color from 3200K to 5600K dimmable
  • LCD display for brightness and color temperature
  • DC battery power or AC adapter power
  • DMX control for studio use

LED Video light LED1300ASV is composed of 1300pcs of bright LEDs with standard color temperature and high CRI and TLCI reaching up to 93 and above. It is all-aluminum design of the light body for better heat dissipation.

It is the Bi-color version with the big knobs to control separately the brightness and the color temperature. It is with DMX control function for use in Studio. The barn doors is installed in the front of the light when out of the box. And it is easy to be take off from the light without additional tools. The clips on the barn doors for using the color filters.

As for the package, it includes all it needs for the common use, including the barn doors, the yoke, the safety cable, the diffusion panel to get soft lighting effect. It has V-lock battery plate for choice to be powered by the battery. Or you can use the AC power adapter to power the light as well. The AC power adapter is loaded on the V-lock mount to be attached on the V-lock plate. It is a point that updated from the old Lishuai light.


 LED Light Source

1300pcs ultra bright chip LEDs

 Color temperature


/Light Intensity

5600K: 4330Lux/m, 1247Lux/2m
3200K: 3825Lux/m, 1076Lux/2m



 Beam angle

45°light beam





 Lamp Lifetime

50,000 hrs

 Working Voltage

AC100-240V, DC13-17V

 External Power

Sony V-mount battery plate or AB plate


Yoke with standard pin receiver baby 5/8”


35.9Ă—38.9Ă—7.7cm (Light body)
41.9Ă—52.1Ă—7.7cm (Overall)


3.47kg(w/o barn doors), 4.44kg(w/barn doors)