Kiloview U40 UHD HDMI2.0 to NDI Converter

R 13,110.00 R 16,995.00


Kiloview U40 HDMI to NDI 4K Encoder

Kiloview U40 4K P60 HDMI to NDI encoder easily converts 4K P60 HDMI to NDI® high bandwidth. At the same time, it converts various IP streams such as RTSP, SRT, RTMP, and HLS into NDI|HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, TS-UDP etc. With such functions like PoE + DC Out, PTZ, Tally, cold shoe mounting on camera, the Kiloview U40 is the smallest and while most powerful NDI encoder. With only one cable, video sources from HDMI cameras can easily go into the NDI® world and enjoy the advantages of IP-based transmission featuring ultra-high image quality and ultra-low latency.


Real 4K P60

Kiloview U40 supports HDMI2.0 input, it’s a real 4K P60 HDMI to NDI Encoder. It makes no compromise on image quality.

Both Full NDI and NDI|HX, More Than NDI

Kiloview U40 converts your 4K HDMI video to Full NDI. With two ethernet ports, it also converts IP streams such as RTSP, RTMP, SRT, TS-UDP, HLS to NDI|HX, which makes your camera more powerful and versatile.


Super PoE with DC Out

Super PoE with DC Out, it powers the U40 itself, at the same time powers other devices such as monitors, recorders, or cameras. One cable rules everything.


PTZ Control

With Kiloview U40, it supports PTZ control over USB to serial RS232/485/422. It also supports PTZ control over IP, no extra cable required.


Camera Link

In Kiloview U40 web UI, you can manage your web-based camera using the function of camera link. U40 and your camera, a perfect match.


Built-in Tally

With U40 we have a batch of bright and distinct Tally lights for PVW/PGM indication – all is to make perfect cooperation for your team.


USB for Unlimited Expansion

It supports USB expansion functions such as USB to RS232/485/422, USB recording etc.