Dynacore ELF2-D/T 1×1(v Mount)LED Fluorescent Soft Light

R 19,999.00

Dynacore ELF2-D/T 1×1(v Mount)LED Fluorescent Soft Light is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Dynacore ELF2-D/T 1×1(v Mount)LED Fluorescent Soft Light Description


The brightness change is shown clearly on the screen by numbers from 0-100 when dimmer either by the knob on the back or by DMX remote control. The knob is pressed down to select the brightness dimming and channel control orderly, which means press the knob 1 time, you can change the brightness by turning the knob and press it 1 more time to change the signal channel.


It runs on AC power through an adapter or camera battery through the mount adapter(V lock or Golden mount). The mount is easy to be removed and fixed.

Two Diffusers

A soft light diffuser reduces dazzling light, and a diffusion sheet increases light output.

5 pin XLR DMX connector

Male and female DMX connectors are available for XLR input and output light control.

4 pin XLR connector for AC adapter

XLR connector for AC power. The 4 pin design prevents adapter disconnection during use.

Aluminium alloy frame and Yoke

The lightweight body makes moving the light easy while providing a stable structure. Aluminium is also great for dissipating heat that the light produces during long periods of use.

Strict outgoing inspection

Extensive age and temperature testing ensures consistent light for the life of the LEDs. Additionally, the ELF2 undergoes strict quality and environmental testing to guarantee on-set performance every time.