Axel CG Live Graphic Engine

R 163,800.00

Axel CG Live Graphic Engine is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Turnkey unit CG

Modern TV channels require an increasingly sophisticated graphic characterization and, at the same time, easily managed. DLG Plus is born to satisfy such need by means of an intuitive GUI and a powerful graphic engine.

Best of Breed

DLG PLUS is the most cost-effective Logo Inserter and Character Generator product on the market. The solution is ideal to display graphical contents, such as text, logos and animations, crawls, tickers and rolls with dynamic contents/metadata retrieved from external data sources, like RSS, txt, Microsoft Excel files and more. Top broadcast quality and easy of use allow DLG Plus to be used also for live production in talk shows, sports and entertainment.

Easy integration

AxelTech DLG Plus can receive commands from external devices for hot keys functions (MOXA boards, RS232, custom Keyboards) to load and play multiple pages.The simple Composer platform gives a wide range of possibilities to set position, transparency, static effects (blur, glow, shadow, etc.) and in & out transition effects for each object.The interactive AxelTech DLG engine allows switching from different templates with smooth transitions recognizing same elements and adding just new ones. This smart solution allows infinite layers of graphic.

Top results, effortlessly

DLG Plus is very simple to use and does not need any specific training. The user interface of the main playout section is displayed as a video mixer-like control with preview/program button bar and preview/ program video windows allowing users with basic video mixer knowledge to immediately get confident with the CG and graphics operability. Page compositing is also very user friendly and allows to add multiple object like texts, clocks, crawls, rolls and media (audio, bitmaps, video and animations) e and define their specific aspect in detail.

Broadcast quality

DLG Plus delivers top quality antialiased text, smooth interlaced crawls, tickers and rolls over SDI or NDI output. All layers are managed in 32 bits allowing precise alpha channel and transparency compositing. Text and media can be updated on the fly allowing to perform in live production environments.

Hardware specs

  • Rack mountable server (1 RU for 1 and 2 channels configurations, 4 RU for 4 channels configurations)
  • Windows 10
  • Intel i7 technology
  • 16 GB RAM
  • BMD Decklink Duo 2 for 1 and 2 channels configurations
  • BMD Decklink Quad 2 for 4 channels configurations