AJA KONA 5 Desktop IO Card

R 95,224.00

AJA KONA 5 Desktop IO Card is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.



Take command of the most challenging projects using the immense power of KONA 5, AJA’s blazingly fast, 8-lane PCIe 3.0 I/O card, designed for today’s most demanding video and audio workflows. 

Whether you are working with HFR 8K/UltraHD2, 4K/UltraHD, 2K/HD, SD, Deep Color and/or HDR, experience the quality and peace of mind that KONA 5 brings to your world. Supporting 4:2:2, 10-bit 4:2:2 and 4:4:4, 12-bit color spaces for pristine imagery, KONA 5 allows the flexibility to ingest and output with 12G/6G/3G-SDI and monitor with a full-size HDMI 2.0 port. The bidirectional 12G-SDI ports provide immense flexibility for capture and simultaneous pass through, and with the appropriate software, multi-channel capture and streaming.

KONA 5 works with AJA's Control Room, Control Panel software and SDK tools, providing support for leading content creation applications, such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Apple® Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer®, FilmLight products and more.

For HDR* workflows, KONA 5 supports HDR10, HLG, PQ and Dolby Vision for rich color delivery over SDI and/or HDMI. KONA 5 has the power for the work you do today and into the future.


  • 8K/UltraHD2/4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD up to 50/60p
  • 4x bidirectional 12G-SDI connections with 16-channel embedded audio
  • HDMI 2.0 output, 4K/UltraHD HFR, plus 8K to 4K downsampling
  • RGB 4:4:4 12-bit (4K/UltraHD) workflows supported
  • YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit and HFR workflows supported 
  • Up to 12-bit LUT support (.cube)
  • 8K support for Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer
  • MultiChannel support with OBS Studio, vMix and Telestream Wirecast
  • 8K or multi-channel 4K support for OEM applications with AJA SDK
  • Dynamic FPGA Firmware Reconfiguration
  • 4K Closed Caption Support
  • VPID signaling for SDR/HDR Transfer Characteristics, Colorimetry and Luminance via SDI
  • PQ, HLG, HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision Support
  • HDR Metadata Capture and Auto Playback Detection
  • Includes support for the Apple M1 chip
  • Reference Input on card (Analog black burst or Tri-level)
  • Included breakout cable for LTC, RS-422, 8-ch AES/EBU
  • Three year warranty

Apple M1 Chip Support

Desktop Software v16.1 and above is optimized for the Apple M1 chip with native support for AJA macOS drivers, application plug-ins, AJA Control Room, AJA Control Panel, AJA System Test and AJA NMOS software.

Professional Connectivity:
12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0

KONA 5 boasts 4x bidirectional 12G-SDI spigots and a Reference Input directly on the card bracket. The 4x HDBNC SDI connections can be used in a wide variety of configurations to support your creative needs; use four cables simultaneously to support either 8K/UltraHD2 (via 4x 12G-SDI) or 4K/UltraHD (via 3G-SDI), alternatively use a single cable for input and a single cable for simultaneous pass-through/output for either 4K/UltraHD (via 1x 12G-, or 6G-SDI) or HD/2K (via 1x 3G-SDI, or even single/dual link 1.5G-SDI).

A full-sized HDMI 2.0 connection offers monitoring and output, with HDR , Deep Color and HFR support. Across the board, KONA 5 is the professionals choice for post, broadcast, graphics, virtual sets, pre-viz, live compositing and more.

Extended Connectivity

KONA 5 ships with an included breakout cable that offers extensive connectivity for AES, RS-422 control support and Reference:

  • 8-Channels of AES/EBU (BNC) In

  • 8-Channels of AES/EBU (BNC) Out

  • RS-422 9-pin connector for control

  • LTC In and Out

KONA 5 also ships with 5x HDBNC to full-size BNC “pigtails” to ensure out-of-the box compatibility with your SDI infrastructure.

Apple Mac Pro Compatible

AJA offers full compatibility for the new Apple Mac Pro, including support for AJA Control Room with Metal compatibility as well as extensive support for a range of applications. macOS support for 11.0 (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14 (Mojave) is also offered with KONA 5.

For productions handling high resolution workflows all the way up to 8K, KONA 5* is a perfect companion for the new desktop offering multi-channel 4K and 8K support.

*Special Note for ordering KONA 5 for use with a Mac Pro 2019

There are two choices:
(1) PN: KONA-5-R0-S01 will use PCIe slot power in Mac Pro 2019, but this KONA model should not be used in any other Mac or PC host system.
(2) PN KONA-5-R0 uses ATX power, and so can be used in other relevant Mac or PC host systems. However, a 3rd party ATX cable kit for the Mac Pro 2019
will be required > Link Here.

There are no caveats for other KONA or Io products.

HDR NLE / VFX Software Support

  • HDR NLE / VFX Software Support

  • Desktop Software supports HDR across many third-party professional video softwares applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple FCP and Avid Media Composer 

  • Take advantage of HLG, PQ, HDR10 workflows in broadcast and post

  • Work between 709, BT2020 and P3 with ease

8K Capture and Playback

At a time when 8K recording devices are prohibitively expensive, unlock the next generation power of 8K capture and playback via KONA 5 and use a more cost effective workstation. Capture 8K ProRes on Windows, Linux or macOS for example, and use the file immediately in your NLE or other application of choice.