100m SDI Video Cable On Drum

R 12,599.00 R 13,999.00


Our cables are optimally tailored to an information and entertainment market, which is now spanning the analogue and digital world. Whether broadcasting a regional traffic report by a local radio station, or transmitting World Class soccer across the world – the success of broadcast production always depends on the reliability of the audio, video, camera and lighting control cables.

The demands on the studio technique are nearly unlimited. Sports events, politics, culture and news, camera teams have to deliver optimal pictures worldwide, and with our high-performance products, we are your reliable partner. Be it studio production or outside broadcasting, analogue or SDI, SDTI or HDTV, live or virtual – we have the right cable for you.

With our products we create the conditions for the reliable and safe transmission of signals. Our studio cables fulfil significant specifications like ARD- and BBC-Specification, AES/EBU, SMPTE, IEC, EN and VDE. Thus, we can guarantee optimal transmission characteristics and the very best electromagnetic compatibility.

Characteristic impedance High data rates require a special cable design. Therefore, our audio cables grant a low ER (relative permittivity) and low-loss factor, thanks to a foam-skin insulation with narrow tolerances. Thus, our digital audio cables achieve a specified characteristic impedance of 110 and data rates of 3 Mbit/s (single channel) and 6 Mbit/s (two-channel).

Transmission quality We produce audio cables for the high demands of studios and broadcasting vans designed to provide a perfect transmission quality. What characteri­zes our products, is a low fire load and a high aging and abrasion resistance.

Interference immunity Perfectly adjusted twisting of the pairs and an excellent individual screening, guarantee interference transmission resistance, immunity to outer interferences and lowest cross-talk, even at high frequencies.

The right cable for every demand Mobile application (e.g. outdoor live transmission of a concert) calls for high flexibility. Particularly suitable for this purpose are our products with the flexible spiraled copper wire screen. Fixed installations require high performances and best electromagnetic compatibility. This is guaranteed by an overall screening consisting of aluminium-laminated foil, and tight-tinned copper braid.


Video cables are primary used in closed circuit TV systems and in studio applications.


For analogue and digital video signals (Composite, Component, SDI, SDV, SDTI, HDTV)


Inner conductor stranded copper wire, diameter 1.2 mm

Insulation Foam-PE, diameter 4.8 mm

Outer conductor 2xCu-braid, tinned

Sheath DMC FLEX PUR, PUR, diameter 7.2 mm green, RAL 6018

Printing DRAKA COMTEQ – 1.2L/4.8Dz – 75  ± 1% – HDTV

Electrical properties at 20°C

DC resistance Inner conductor 21 /km Outer conductor 5 /km

Mutual capacitance 56 pF/m

Characteristic impedance 75  ± 0.75 

Velocity ratio 67 %

Screening factor > 90 dB

Electrical Data at 20 degrees celsius
Attenuation (dB/100) Return Loss (dB)
Frequency (MHz) Frequency (MHz)
1 0.5 50 – 300 > 26
10 1.9 300 – 3000 > 22
100 8.0 3000 – 3500 > 18
200 10.1 3500 – 500 > 15
300 14.0
500 17.3
800 22
1000 25.8
1500 32
2250 41.6
3000 49
3500 54.4
4000 57.1
4500 62.2