Decimator DMON-Quad 3G-SDI Multiviewer

R 6,999.00


The DMON-QUAD from DECIMATOR is a compact 4-channel 3G-SDI multiviewer and multiplexer for use in studios, post houses, and other professional video applications. It supports a variety of resolutions and formats up to 1080p60 over SDI, and can arbitrarily mix formats and aspect ratios. The four SDI inputs can be output simultaneously over the HDMI or SDI outputs for a quad-view display. Tally information can be supplied via the RJ-45 connector.


Supports 3G-SDI level A and B on inputs and output, allowing conversion between 3G level A and B
Comes with pre-programmed layouts, user-customized layouts possible
16-character UMD overlay and 8-channel audio metering overlay per window with individual on/off, custom positioning, and size adjustment
Horizontal and/or vertical image flipping per window
Audio ID overlay
Tallies can be applied to either tally boxes or the border (tally boxes allow for up to 4 tallies per window)
Fast switching between inputs using full-screen scaling
Selectable output format in both Full-Screen Multi-Viewer mode
Low latency frame buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous inputs
Linked SDI and HDMI outputs
Each SDI inputs is resolution and frame rate independent
Pass through mode allows an unprocessed signal to be output from both SDI and HDMI terminals simultaneously
Robust aluminum enclosure