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Sennheiser Mkh 800 P48 Studio Condenser Multi-pattern Microphone


Superior microphone for every recording application. Exceptionally wide dynamic range. Five switchable pick-up patterns. Switchable multi-stage tone control. Stable directivity across the entire response range.

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R60,000.00 Inc. VAT

The MKH 800 P48 Studio Condenser Multi-Pattern Microphone from Sennheiser is a condenser microphone that fully utilizes the wider frequency response and dynamic range of the 24-bit/96 kHz standard. This variable-pattern condenser microphone offers five switchable polar patterns.

Extended frequency response of up to 50 kHz
Five switchable polar patterns
Exceptionally low inherent self-noise and distortion
Wide dynamic range
Switchable pre-attenuation, roll-off filter, and treble emphasis
Transformerless and fully floating balanced output
LED for on-axis alignment
Anodized, champagne light-metal body
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