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Sennheiser Mkh 50 P48 Microphone


Dialog Boompole Microphone
Pressure Gradient Condenser
For Spot Capture
For Recording/Sound Reinforcement
Supercardioid Polar Pattern
Low Freq. Roll-Off Switch
Pre-Attenuation Switch
Uses +48V Phantom Power

R28,500.00 Inc. VAT

The MKH 50 P48 Microphone from Sennheiser is a high quality, professional condenser microphone specifically designed for spot capturing in recording and sound reinforcement applications. The MKH 50 offers exceptional attenuation at the lateral sections of the capsule, for a focused pick up without off-axis noise. Its wide frequency response and high sensitivity result in pristine audio fidelity, no matter the source. It also has a low-frequency roll-off switch to minimize rumble/noise, and a pre-attenuation switch in case you’ll mount the microphone near to high transients. The MKH 50 use +48V Phantom Power, and is more than suitable for capturing vocals or instruments in recording or sound reinforcement.

A pressure gradient condenser mic specifically created for spot recording
Supercardioid polar pattern to provide focused capture and extreme off-axis rejection
Low frequency roll-off switch to minimize rumble and noise
Switchable pre-attenuation provides an additional 10dB of headroom to prevent distortion from close-proximity transient signals
Uses +48V Phantom Power
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