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Sennheiser HMD280-13 – Dual-sided Circumaural Closed-back Headset With Supercardioid Boom Microphone


Communications headset

R6,495.00 Inc. VAT

The Sennheiser HMD280-13 professional communications headset is equipped with high-isolation, studio quality headphones and a highly directional dynamic microphone, attached to an adjustable boom, optimized for clarity of speech in high-noise location environments.

Dual-sided professional, circumaural, closed-back communications headset with noise-compensating, highly directional boom microphone
High-isolation headphones with studio quality frequency reproduction and optimized ambient noise attenuation for high-noise location environments
Adjustable, swiveling boom for microphone with left or right side placement option, frequency response optimized for speech clarity
Comfortable, replaceable earpads and adjustable headband
Unterminated replaceable coiled cable
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